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Tour Partners

Zest Food Tour's expert culinary tour partners are all passionate food lovers and down-to-earth New Zealanders. Most own and run their own businesses, and are dedicated to great food experiences and welcoming other foodies. It's personal. You'll get to know and interact with them. You'll taste a piece of this and a handful of that. Hear their stories, in their own special places: at home, in their kitchen or behind the scenes at their store. By invitation only.

Culinary Concepts

Great Taste Challenges

Put your taste buds to the test...what's that flavour? Where did that product come from? Or ask us about our Amazing Culinary Capital Food Race in Wellington, fantastic for coporate teams especially.

Team Building

Management guru Tom Peters says a kitchen is the best place to learn strategy. Zest says team building is best with some help from some great food and wine, and we'll help you find out how.

Partner Programmes

Tailored food and wine tours in Auckland, Wellington and Martinborough to suit.

Mystery Progressive Lunches

We create a multi-course, multi-location lunch for a fun and delicious group outing. To add that powerful 'wow' factor what about travelling in real style - maybe a classic Cadillac?

Whose Wine is it anyway?

Test your wine palate in a blind tasting with a difference, as your group decides which multiple choice answer best fits the wine you taste. Add beer and other beverages to the test for a real taste challenge, in a light-hearted competitive approach.

Media Articles & TV Coverage

A Trip to the Cuisine Capital of New Zealand - TV

Viewed by 40 million people in India in August 2011 see the show here on our Wellington Walking Gourmet Tour:

A Feast of Flavours - New Zealand Herald

"Zest is run by food lovers Catherine Cordwell and Susan McLeary. Both have extensive backgrounds in food promotion so know everything and everyone on the culinary circuit. The businesses they choose to visit are cutting-edge and the people who run them have personalities to match..."
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Culinary Capital - Next Magazine

"In a city known for its cafes, walking tours where people can smaple culinary and caffeinated delights make complete sense. Coffee beans crack like popcorn and begin to turn a lovely chocolate brown..."
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A personal exploration of the great tastes of Wellington, Wairarapa and Dunedin